Educating First Responders to Reduce Risk

eLearning - Online Safety Training

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Relatable Scenarios that Enforce Safety

VFIS is the largest provider of insurance, education and consulting services to emergency service organizations such as fire departments, ambulance and rescue squads, and 911 centers. VFIS partnered with JPL to develop a series of courses to highlight best practices for station, driving and scene safety.

The first course in the series is: In the Station: Best Practices in Station Safety. JPL instructional designers worked with subject matter experts at VFIS to show that emergency services organizations’ buildings may contain a number of different occupancies and associated hazards. The purpose of the course is to provide education to reduce risk; reduce the fire hazard and reduce the general liability and claims at these emergency service organizations.

Using Visuals and Case Studies to Teach

Through a series of interactive screens, learners identify ways to improve overall station safety, to recall best practices to ensure the safety of station guests and workers, to outline a preparedness plan to help limit fire hazards and general liability claims and to implement routine property self-evaluations.

Rich visuals, compelling case studies, and realistic sound effects gain the learner’s attention and engage them in material that is critical to their job duties. The intuitive design templates adhere to the VFIS brand standards to appeal to the learner.