Certifying Mentors of Small Business Owners

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Training Volunteers to Mentor Small Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur and running a small business can be full of challenges. But thanks to SCORE, business owners receive free advice and mentoring throughout the United States through their networking of volunteer experts. Mentoring is often conducted over the phone or in person but SCORE has expanded its service and offers mentoring through email. Over the last several years, JPL has created eLearning programs for SCORE to train volunteers how to mentor small business owners and recently created the email mentoring certification course to meet the growing need for mentoring.

Educating Email Mentors

The email mentoring certification course has two main objectives: educate the mentors on the value of email mentoring for their clients and communicate the guidelines that email mentors must follow to be effective. All mentors complete this certification course before assisting small business owners via email. In addition, JPL created a site tour for the course and dispelled some of the common misconceptions about email mentoring. All of the steps in the course support SCORE’s Client Outcomes and Relationship Engagement objectives.

Dynamic Visuals Drive Course Engagement

The visuals support the training and help mentors understand the best practices for email mentoring including the management of folders and emails for clients. The course also instructs mentors on the importance of keeping their profiles up-to-date so small business owners can easily search by keyword for the best matches for mentors. Step-by-step instructions and simple graphics show mentors how to manage the entire process for successful email mentoring.