Training Inspectors to Assess Manufactured Housing

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Training Inspectors to Assess Manufactured Housing

The Pennsylvania Construction Codes Academy (PCCA) provides and administers professional development for code officials through certification and continuing education training. In order to expand their offerings into online training, PCCA worked with the Learning Solutions team at JPL to create a new interactive eLearning course featuring an avatar building inspector.

Building Engaging Online Training

JPL brought the Relocated Manufactured Housing Habitability Assessment training content to life in an engaging online training program. The one-hour course covers Act 40, the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act, and includes knowledge review questions throughout to determine the pass/fail status of the inspector.

Training Enhanced with Building Official Guide

The course is narrated by an avatar inspector named Sam. Sam takes users on a driving tour through some housing communities and shows specific examples of what to look for when inspecting these homes. From time to time, he uses his laptop in the truck as he travels to explain more details about these homes and what to look for. His conversational instruction makes the training easy to understand and engaging.

Throughout the training, Sam helps learners identify the difference between new and relocated manufactured housing, recognize some key points of the Habitability Guidelines, and recall inspection elements to look for in relocated manufactured housing. Compelling visuals of homes show inspectors what passes and what doesn’t.

JPL chose Storyline in order streamline future course development and provide the ability to offer the course in HTML5 for tablet delivery when needed.

JPL is currently working with PCCA to create a second eLearning course, International Fire Code and its Proper Enforcement.

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