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Giving Patients A Better Understanding Of Their Diagnosis

Making sure a patient understands his or her diagnosis is always important – but it’s especially critical when the doctor is talking to a patient with cancer.

Every patient’s breast cancer diagnosis is a little different and each patient has a different level of understanding of his or her condition. So, the explanation from the doctor can’t be one-size-fits all.

That’s why doctors at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center wanted to develop a patient education tool to make sure that all breast cancer patients are given a consistent explanation of their condition and treatment options.

Breast Education Decision Aid Helps Patients

JPL worked with doctors at Penn State Hershey Medical Center to develop a new user-friendly mobile software tool to help surgeons improve patient care by standardizing breast cancer consultation.

The program is called Nurse BEDI, which stands for Breast Education Decision Aid Instrument. The tool will aid in shared decision-making between the patient and the surgeons so that all breast cancer patients understand their diagnosis, know the available treatment options and have easy access to educational materials.

Nurse BEDI in Action

During an office visit, a surgeon will use the mobile software tool on a tablet or computer to capture information on the patient regarding her condition. Then, the patient will be educated on information specific to her type of breast cancer and answer a few questions. The tool generates images and information tailored to each patient’s condition and explains treatment options.

JPL instructional designers worked with medical staff at Hershey Medical Center to make the medical text understandable and helped organize the information in a logical way for patients. JPL developers created program algorithms and logic to allow for multiple tumors, stages of cancer, degrees of cancer advancement, various sizes, and multiple treatment options to be displayed to patients.

The Breast Educational Decision Aid Instrument is currently being demonstrated to surgeons and patients around the country with the goal of improving doctor-patient communications and patient care.

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