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A Comprehensive Learning Solution Designed for Law Enforcement

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Traditional law enforcement training often involves long-distance travel, missed time from policing, and scheduling difficulties. That’s why the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association (PCPA) came to JPL in 2011 for a comprehensive learning solution that allows officers to keep their knowledge and skills current, without getting behind in their day to day duties.

Improving Training & Efficiencies through Online Courses

Originally created in 2012, the Pennsylvania Virtual Training Network ( provides officers with access to the essential training needed to perform their duties in a complex, ever-changing environment.  Since that time, JPL has worked closely with PCPA providing technology consulting, instructional design, eLearning course development and a learning management solution.  PAVTN includes more than 35 courses designed and developed by JPL including award-winning courses on post-traumatic stress disorder and human trafficking.

With a growing number of courses and hundreds of thousands of hours of training delivered, PAVTN continues to evolve – adding new courses and features to enhance the learning experience.

Improving Learning Management with ecoLearn™

PAVTN’s latest upgrade includes a new Learning Management System (LMS) developed using JPL’s ecoLearn™ LMS framework. Through ecoLearn, officers can efficiently access Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST) from the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) as well as take other online courses to help them protect the public.

With ecoLearn™, administrators can access up-to-date training records manage registrations, modify website content, send email notifications and produce reports.  In addition, curriculum can require successful completion of pre-requisite modules before accessing exams and more advanced courses.  Officers are able to manage their user profiles, view their transcripts, and print certificates earned for each course through ecoLearn.

Making Training Even More Accessible

Before PAVTN, instructor-led training required police officers to leave their home jurisdictions and travel to central locations. PAVTN provides convenient access to quality training while reducing travel costs and time away from the job.  Additional eLearning courses and new LMS features are ongoing.

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