Office of Administration Unified Communications Email Campaign

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Connecting with State Workers to Improve Productivity

The Commonwealth’s Unified Communications System has useful features that can make workers more productive. However, many workers weren’t taking advantage of the time-saving features because they didn’t know how. Unified Communications (UC) integrates various communications tools such as telephone, instant messaging, email, and web conferencing.

The Office of Administration trained employees on the communications system a few months prior to the launch but by the time it was rolled out, people didn’t remember how to use it. When an upgrade to the system was going live, the Office of Administration turned to JPL for a creative solution to this training challenge.

Engaging Employees through Subscription Learning

JPL created a training program that looks and feels like a popular network television series.

Ten emails were designed to demonstrate the key features of the unified communications system. The UC series uncovers the ins and outs of the application in a clever, entertaining way. Following each “episode,” viewers have the opportunity to read The UC reviews and recap to see what feature was uncovered on the last episode.

The “television show” emails invite employees to watch a brief video tutorial, or “episode,” and encourages them to try something new by incorporating one new UC feature into their everyday tasks each week. Tips include how to use Call Control, Voicemail, IM/Chat and Web Collaboration. The final email reviews the benefits of using the unified communications application and reinforces the support and training resources available to employees.

Unique Training Stands Out for Workers

Rather than bombard employees with one long training program, the content is delivered in small nuggets, which are intentionally scheduled over time to support better learning. This kind of subscription learning provides a welcomed alternative to learners who work in a fast-paced environment and don’t have time to absorb longer form training.

The email campaign is scheduled to be rolled out across the Commonwealth a few departments at a time. Early survey results indicate usage of the unified communication features has increased since the rollout of this training program and feedback from workers has been very positive.

And if there’s a letdown after the final episode airs, Commonwealth workers can always watch the training programs again in reruns.