A Hybrid Solution for an Agricultural Leader

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Mobilizing Sales Forces with Field Intelligence

Distributing relevant training and sales materials can create logistical headaches for dealer-based businesses. With traditional printed materials, storage can be difficult. Updating requires frequent replacements. Online solutions also have potential pitfalls. In the case of New Holland Agriculture, customers are often in rural areas, where Internet connectivity is unreliable. They needed a flexible training program that updates automatically, covers all the bases and works in any store or field environment. JPL worked closely with New Holland to create a hybrid training vehicle that provides vital information, online or offline, with ease and convenience.

A Powerful Tool for Moving Heavy Machinery

To help dealers across North America work side by side with customers and prospects in the field, JPL and New Holland created the innovative “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” Tool (STST). An industry first, this interactive application provides dealer sales teams with all the information they need to sell New Holland solutions at any location. Part training application and part sales support tool, STST is loaded with formatted yet flexible presentations, sales collateral and interactive media. And it provides a one-stop dealer education solution. Dealers download this custom Adobe Air application from New Holland’s learning portal. A dedicated microsite (newhollandstst.com) introduces dealers to STST benefits and usage. In the office or in the field, the dealers are ready to roll in minutes.

Inform the Dealer and Excite the Customer

STST combines self-paced training and on-site customer selling in one intuitive tool. Dealers can use STST to train their sales force and introduce them to new products. Presentation Mode lets dealers deliver a polished customer presentation, while hiding dealer training and background information. Users can quickly find relevant product information with a simple keyword search. Solutions can be presented by industry, to address the specific needs of each customer. STST also features a content-managed media gallery with brochures, photos and video content at hand. Dealers can also email brochures directly from STST, making follow-up with customers easy.

STST easily connects to the web for the latest updates and new content. A web-based content management system allows New Holland training team members to manage content. Administrators can add new products, upload presentations and add media files, such as demonstration videos. Updates are pushed to users when the tool detects an active Internet connection, ensuring that all dealer sales teams have the latest product information. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to get new, competitive selling information to New Holland dealers. STST’s built-in functionality even lets dealers submit feedback to ensure their needs are considered.

STST Keeps Growing in Popularity and Scope

Since JPL launched STST in October of 2011, New Holland has seen a 75% increase in dealer downloads of the tool compared to its previous training program. STST has also received rave reviews from New Holland dealers throughout North America. A European version of STST has just been released with plans for a more expansive rollout in the near future.