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Reaching More Learners to Enrich More Lives

The Byrnes Health Education Center (HEC) was created through the conviction that education is the key to a healthier community. JPL was asked to extend the on-site educational experiences and mission of the Byrnes HEC to reach students, teachers and families nationwide and around the world, using e-learning and web technology. We were also challenged to convert the online experience from a grant-funded model into a self-sustaining site that will ensure continuity for years to come.

Understanding Usage to Plan for the Future

Throughout the project, JPL conducted stakeholder meetings, market analysis and focus groups to uncover client objectives and to understand online learning trends. We established that technology is vital to learning, that the source of material is important, and that ease of use is paramount.

Later, as we tracked usage throughout the family of sites, we recognized that digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts would be key to reaching an audience outside the Center’s regional footprint.

Engaging and Entertaining Visitors

Our strategy included building a large subscriber base of all target audiences by promoting the site’s health education content.

To get there, we developed multiple sites to engage three distinct target groups: Kids, Teens, and Families & Educators. These engaging, informative websites would be used to educate each group on how to lead healthier lives. In addition, we created a custom e-Commerce website that offers educational materials, membership and branded products for purchase.

JPL and the Byrnes HEC worked together to develop the site’s concept, name and logo design. Using creative design and interactive elements targeted to specific age groups, the websites are a fun way to learn valuable health lessons. For example, the teen’s website features custom video and a Facebook page. For Families & Educators, the site has a clean, user-friendly interface and contains supplemental materials to make lesson planning easy. Kids can navigate the halls of the online interactive Susan P. Byrnes School and discover the health content in virtual classrooms. All sites also allow users to share their ideas, track their own health and nutrition progress through an interactive Health Log and provide important site feedback.

JPL developed a unified content management application that makes updates to all of the sites simple and efficient. New Flash educational activities and games are constantly being developed.

Beyond design and development, JPL provided a comprehensive digital marketing program to gain new subscribers. The program targeted each market segment strategically with banner ads, social media posts, Search Engine Optimization and other methods. Every tactic was tracked and measured for return on investment.

Winning Awards and Subscribers

With tens of thousands of subscribers from all over the world, is continually extending its reach to provide online health education for all ages. Since 2005, more than 130,000 subscribers registered to gain access to the websites with over 10.5 million views from kids, teens, educators and families who have enjoyed a fun and engaging learning experience on

It has also won numerous awards, including a USA Today “Educator’s Best Bet” site, Non-Profit Innovation Award, Adobe Site of the Day, World Wide Web Health Awards, Best of the Web W3 Award, plus a Bronze Telly.

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