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Improving Productivity With Sleep

100 million Americans – nearly a third of our population – fail to get quality sleep. For some of us, that means a slow start at the office. For others – in fields like trucking, healthcare and construction – lack of sleep can have deadly consequences.

Highmark Business Risk Management works with employers to solve health-related issues that impact safety and productivity. They wanted a program that would raise awareness of the symptoms and risks of insufficient sleep.

An Integrated Learning Solution

JPL collaborated with Highmark to develop an elearning course with video, graphics and interactive exercises to explain the causes and impact of poor quality sleep. After taking the course, employees complete an online survey about their sleep and health habits.

JPL’s ecoLearn™ LMS helps Highmark analyze the results and generate customized reports for at-risk employees, explaining where and how they might seek help for potential sleep disorders. The system respects their privacy; reports are delivered directly to employees and aren’t shared with employers.

After taking the course and the survey, employees realize the risks of insufficient sleep; they can recognize the symptoms of impaired alertness; and they get a customized report they can share with their doctors to get the help they need.

  • Highmark Business Risk Management
  • Highmark Business Risk Management

The Benefits Of ecoLearn

JPL recommended ecoLearn™ because of its flexibility. It facilitates employee registration, lets administrators track learning activity, and generates reports to help manage the training program. And Highmark can implement the ecoLearn™ platform for multiple clients, enabling them to provide a valuable addition to their consulting services.

ecoLearn™ is fully SCORM compliant, so Highmark can track additional courses developed in the future. The system provides quick access for learners, and certificates of completion when they’re done.

The result? A safer, more productive workplace that benefits employers, employees and customers. All managed by an intuitive LMS that makes learning easier for both workers and managers.