Custom eLearning Modules Train Global Marketers to Support Corporate Goals

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Taking Employee Training to the Next Level

Global confectionery leader The Hershey Company wants its worldwide marketers to develop programs that build on the equity of its iconic brands. To meet the training needs of this growing group, Hershey worked with an eLearning consultant and instructional designer at JPL to transform its brand building framework training from an instructor-led to a complementary eLearning course.

eLearning Technology Supports Corporate Mission

Hershey invests in training its marketers to support the company’s goal to succeed with knowledge, insights, and talent in every part of the organization. By leveraging eLearning technologies for content development and delivery, Hershey can efficiently reach its 350-person global marketing team with timely training that supports a proven and evolved approach to building brands.

Infographics and Videos Offer Compelling Learner Interactions

Hershey marketers take the eLearning course on their way to becoming master brand builders. The learning experience includes graphical depictions of processes and tools, video testimonials from brand-building experts, and mini presentations of case studies. Learners interact with the course by reviewing mini case studies.

For example, after learning the Hershey way of writing a best-in-class marketing objective, marketers evaluate sample objectives to identify if they are good or bad. They give the choices thumbs up or down and are provided with feedback on their choice.

Once the course is completed, the marketer earns credit inside Hershey’s Marketing Academy.

The Brand Building Framework eLearning course recently captured a Gold MarCom award in the Mobile & Web-Based Technology/Training Module category.

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