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Teaching Test Administrators

Like many states, Pennsylvania uses standardized tests to measure student ability in reading, math and science. With thousands of schools and hundreds of districts, the state Department of Education (PDE) needs a consistent testing process to make sure the results accurately reflect each school’s performance.

JPL developed a comprehensive learning solution that teaches test administrators how to properly administer PSSA and Keystone Exams in their schools and districts. Thanks to a flexible Learning Management System (LMS), PDE can now track registration and certify participation in the training.

A Fast-Track Approach

PDE selected JPL because it knows how to quickly implement eLearning solutions for external audiences. With test dates already scheduled, JPL had only a few months to get ready. The solution included a content managed website; an eLearning course with embedded assessment and certification; and an LMS for secure log-in, registration and reporting.

Instead of an off-the-shelf LMS with limited flexibility and annual licensing fees, JPL implemented our LMS framework, with ecoLearn.™ . ecoLearn gives PDE complete administrative control, including content, permissions and reporting.

The Planning Phase

The first step was planning: Who needs to be trained? What’s the content? How do they access the course? What are the reporting and functional requirements?

JPL identified four types of users. The statewide administrator, district and school coordinators, and test administrators were each given specific roles and permissions. JPL helped PDE set up accounts and establish processes for managing and reporting.

Using rapid development tools, JPL created a training module, including photos, video, interactive exercises and voice-over narration. JPL established the website – – and performed a custom implementation of the ecoLearn LMS to meet PDE’s requirements.

Fast, Effective, Cost Efficient Training

In the first six months, more than 130,000 test administrators completed the program. JPL’s comprehensive learning solution has helped reduce administrative costs, training costs, travel expenses and irregularities in test administration. And with a custom-designed LMS, PDE has eliminated ongoing licensing fees.

The online training and tracking system ensures consistent training for standardized test administrators across the state. This gives PDE confidence that the tests provide an accurate picture of student and school performance.