Preventing Child Abuse through Training

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Saving Time & Improving Communication

Protecting children and preventing child abuse is extremely important to the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg. With more than 15,000 clergy, teachers, employees and volunteers spread over 97 parishes and missions and 41 schools in 15 Pennsylvania counties, the Diocese wanted to upgrade and update its online youth protection training program and record keeping capabilities.

To prevent child abuse, it is critical to train everyone who works with children on how to recognize and report it. It is also mandatory that all adults undergo criminal background checks before they participate in programs involving minors.  This includes volunteers who want to attend their child’s school field trip, room parents, sports coaches and many others.

New Courses and ecoLearn™ LMS Added

JPL developed an online training course and delivery system that has served the Diocese since 2008. Based on the success of the solution, the Diocese turned again to JPL to upgrade the system’s capabilities and update the content to meet changes in regulations and technology. The solution includes a new eLearning course and JPL’s learning management framework known as ecoLearn™. ecoLearn provides efficient registration, course delivery, tracking, certification and administration.

The “Creating a Safe Environment” eLearning course delivers the training using audio, video, photos and interactive graphics. From home computers or computers at their local parish, the clergy, teachers and volunteers log in to the ecoLearn system from the Diocese website. The login connects the individual user to the course that features presentations from a variety of spiritual, social and legal experts. Learners are taught how to recognize signs of abuse, prevent opportunities for abuse and how to report suspected abuse.

After completing the training, the learner must successfully complete an online assessment. When the learner passes the assessment, he or she earns a certificate and a record is created within the ecoLearn system. Administrators at the Diocese and those authorized at the local parish can access the record and verify anyone’s compliance through the ecoLearn system at any time.

ecoLearn™ Helps Track Users and Protect Children

Through ecoLearn™, the Diocese maintains a database of every person who has gone through the mandatory training and background screenings. However, because of the importance of this information, it will be made available to authorized administrators at the parish level. Knowing who has the proper clearances is an important part of protecting children. The ecoLearn™ system is an important part of meeting that need.

Each learner registers in ecoLearn™ with his or her name, parish, role(s) and e-mail address in order to access the eLearning course. An administrator adds the criminal background check results into the system so that the Diocese has a single record for each adult who comes in contact with children. The eLearning module and the ecoLearn™ system save time for applicants and the Diocese while improving child abuse prevention, reporting and compliance.