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Arming Construction Salespeople with a New Mobile Tool

Estimating the cost of roof repairs can be a long and tedious job. It can take an estimator several hours to take measurements and photos, document trouble spots and cost out repairs. That’s why Carlisle Construction Materials, a leading commercial construction company, partnered with JPL for a new mobile solution to expedite and improve the process.

Technology Takes Roof Estimates to New Heights

JPL worked with Carlisle Construction Materials to develop an interactive, mobile app that streamlines proposal preparation and delivers a higher quality proposal to the prospective customer faster.

Estimators use the proposal writer app on their iPads or Android tablets to draw on top of satellite images to denote sections of the roof that need to be repaired or replaced. Photos of rooftop deficiencies can be taken on the tablet from within the app so that the proposal shows facility owners the documented issues. The proposal writer app also enables the sales rep to generate a custom cover letter and preview the proposal before sending it to a customer.

The user-friendly interface not only makes the salesperson’s job easier, it provides better quality and consistent proposals that are more descriptive and visually-engaging for the roofing customer. Salespeople can submit a proposal to facility owners directly from the rooftop in a matter of minutes.

The app ensures proposal consistency when independent sales team members represent Carlisle Construction Materials brand in the field.

JPL and Carlisle Construction Materials received a Creativity Award for Best Business App.

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