Creating Effective Training with a Lively Twist

Instructional Design - Video Based Training - Customer Service

Category: Corporate

Making Learning Fun

Auntie Anne’s was embarking on a campaign-wide initiative to achieve a unique standard for customer service. So, a training program was on the menu of must-haves from day one. It needed to reflect Auntie Anne’s brand, which is passionate, magnetic and fun. And, the program needed to reflect their unique flavor with a twist to elevate learning from a task to an inviting treat.

Getting Perspective

There’s no better way to understand people than to stand in their shoes. So, each JPL team member on the project went through the crew member training program. They learned how to make pretzels and serve guests the Auntie Anne’s way and even worked in a local store. On the analytical side, they reviewed existing market research, and interviewed store managers about what content was vital for the video. The JPL team partnered with Auntie Anne’s to develop a solution to bring it to life for every employee.

Achieving Amazing Results

JPL and Auntie Anne’s developed a video training program with a “Reality TV” flavor, and associates as the stars. Crew members submitted videos telling why they should be one of the six finalists who get a trip to corporate headquarters and appear in the program. The video series captured the finalists arriving at Auntie Anne’s headquarters, meeting other members of the Auntie Anne’s team, participating in training challenges and demonstrating the cornerstones of customer service excellence in a real store setting. In a surprising and inspiring moment, contestants met and received feedback from Auntie Anne’s founder, Anne Beiler, who appeared as a secret shopper. The video was designed to help both new and current crew members embrace the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service. The training program was shared via DVD with more than 850 Auntie Anne’s stores in the United States. Managers also received a fun training kit with the video. It included motivational stickers, posters, and in-store register cards to remind crew members of the key customer service points at the point of purchase.

The Perfect Solution

The video of the entire process is a relatable, moving and often humorous story, rather than dry and instructional. Crew members see themselves in the contestants and are motivated to raise their game on the job.