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Creative training that changes the game.

Learning solutions from JPL can move your organization forward. Our creative approach - combined with years of instructional design and interactive experience - gets the results you need faster.

Because it's developed just for you, your solution will be as unique as your brand. And you choose how we work: complete learning solutions, individual course development projects or support for your training staff.

Strategy & Planning

A Strategic Approach to Learning

We start by listening. We know training, but you know your organization’s goals, culture and services. Our strategic approach connects training goals with organizational goals. And gets the right resources to users as efficiently as possible.

Our consultants work with you to identify knowledge gaps and training goals. Then we develop specific learning objectives, and metrics that show us the progress we’ve made.

With the program framework established, it’s time to focus on content. How will the courses achieve the learning objectives? Will they appeal to the target audience? What’s the most appropriate format: instructor-led, eLearning, blended? And what types of assessments will measure the learner’s progress?

The final step is the implementation plan, using technology to make the course easy to access, easy to manage, and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure.

A successful learning strategy maintains clear focus on organization goals, and uses training as a means to achieve them. At the same time, we make sure the program works for every stakeholder in the process, including learners, training administrators, managers and IT.

Content Development

eLearning Content: Making the Message Stick

The key to effective training is understanding your learners: What will make them change behavior or apply new skills? How do we make the information stick long after training is over? What’s the fastest way to help them achieve proficiency?

Our instructional designers know how adults learn. We combine facts, examples, interactivity, practice and testing in the right sequence – and in the right amounts – so your learners feel engaged and stimulated. And they’re confident using the skills they’ve learned.

With content that’s customized to your culture and audience, the training speaks directly to your learners. And when we add a creative touch, it becomes instantly memorable. JPL’s team of animators, video producers, art directors and storytellers help your learners “get” the content faster, retain it longer, and apply it consistently. Whether it’s a game, simulation or mobile support tool, our interactive development team ensures compatibility across browsers and devices.

Flexible process. We tailor our approach so it works for you. We’re comfortable using ADDIE, Agile or hybrid methodologies. And we’ll deliver content the way your learners want it: eLearning, mobile devices, social channels, virtual classrooms or custom workshops.

With speed, flexibility and a collaborative approach, JPL can help you get the results your organization demands. All while making learning fun.

Learn about JPL’s ecoLearn™ content development framework. An efficient way to develop learning content and experiences across devices and browsers using web technologies.

Delivery Technology

Using Technology to Improve Performance

Training a single employee is a fairly simple task: establish goals, develop content, deliver the training.

But improving performance across a large organization is a complex undertaking which requires some kind of learning administration platform. An LMS – or Learning Management System – is one type of platform. Platforms can be custom built, off-the-shelf or adapted from existing technology.

Regardless of your solution, the platform must satisfy a few important goals, such as access for learners and the ability to track usage and manage your overall program.

Learning Websites. The modern version of the LMS is a learning website that integrates training administration, content management and learning. The website lets employees, members, customers and outside learners take specific courses designed just for them. Since it’s web-based, learners can also access additional content, like articles and case studies. Administrators can track student progress, manage training resources, and monitor scheduling and registration.

When weighing different delivery technologies, you should consider:

JPL can help you answer these questions, and implement a solution that makes sense for you. Our team can work with existing platforms – such as Moodle, Blackboard, SuccessFactors, SumTotal and SABA – or provide an alternate solution. The right technology can help improve performance across your organization and boost your bottom line.

Learn about ecoLearn™, JPL’s streamlined learning management solution. ecoLearn is a cost-effective, web-based alternative to an enterprise-level LMS.