JPL Develops Onboarding Solution for Volunteer Business Mentors


SCORE is a nonprofit resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration with 11,000 volunteers and business experts providing small business mentoring and training nationwide. To support their mentor network, SCORE worked with JPL to develop a library of eLearning onboarding courses.

SCORE_02The library includes five courses with multiple modules in each. When mentors complete all five courses they earn a certification.

Each module shows appreciation for the volunteers’ commitment and unifies them in SCORE’s values as they support clients. Courses include Business Advice Now Certification, Code of Ethics and Conduct, Mentoring Certification, SCORE Technology, and Orientation.

“SCORE’s mentor certification helps volunteers connect better with our clients. The training leads to clients who are more engaged with SCORE and consume more of our educational offerings. The education and mentoring make the entrepreneurs more successful, starting more businesses, creating more jobs, and growing their revenues,” said Susan Fort, director of learning, field operations for SCORE.

“Our Learning Solutions team is proud to help SCORE improve client mentoring through this comprehensive online training,” said JPL Learning Consultant Jenny Kerwin. “We’ve employed a variety of instructional techniques to grab the attention of diverse audiences across the country all while maintaining consistency with the look and feel of the modules,” she added.

“SCORE values our partnership with JPL because it produces better learning experiences for our volunteers,” said Fort.


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