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The Un-carrier™ Improves Performance on the Front Line (Part One)

Luke Kempski

Video interview with T-Mobile’s Training Program Manager

At the TrainingIndustry.com conference, I spoke with David Unruh of T-Mobile who, along with his colleague Tony Gonzalez, led a session at the conference about their learning ecosystem. Just as T-Mobile seeks to re-invent wireless service plans, David strives to re-invent training and performance support for their 22,000 customer service representatives. As program manager, David sees a direct connection between the mission of the Customer Service Learning and Development organization and T-Mobile’s business strategy.


The T-Mobile learning ecosystem integrates a variety of technologies to support learning content development, integrated content delivery, virtual classroom and instructor-led training and learning management and tracking.  Beyond technology, the learning ecosystem puts the learner at the center enabling them to access different methods of learning and performance support when and where they need it to service the customer.


Customer services representatives can collaborate, share content, access knowledge documents and provide feedback through the T-Mobile Community social platform. The T-Mobile Community provides informal learning and just-in-time information to help representatives effectively support customers.


A primary focus of David and his team is getting newly-hired customer service representatives supporting customers faster. To accomplish this, they are reinventing new hire training so that it is no longer an eight week process with the first four weeks spent in instructor-led classroom training.


T-Mobile’s transformation to the wireless “Un-carrier”™ has led to an internal transformation as well. This transformation has clearly impacted how customer service representatives are being trained and supported. Part Two of this video blog features Tony Gonzalez who elaborates on the T-Mobile learning ecosystem, how they select learning modalities and how they evaluate their training and performance support efforts.

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