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The Un-carrier™ Improves Performance on the Front Line (Part 2)

Luke Kempski

Video interview with T-Mobile’s Manager for Media and Training Systems

At the 2015 TrainingIndustry.com conference, I had the opportunity to speak with Tony Gonzalez of T-Mobile, who along with his colleague David Unruh led a session at the conference about their learning ecosystem. As Manager for Media and Training Systems, Tony is focused on building a strong infrastructure that supports coaching, learning delivery, performance support and evaluation.


With the variety of technologies and systems available to them, the training team needs to align the right modalities with the right performance goals. Tony talks about what considerations go into deciding whether to use instructor-led training, video, eLearning courses or other approaches to support the performance of their over 22,000 customer service representatives.


Self-paced, eLearning courses continue to play an important role in addressing customer service performance needs. For experienced employees, Tony and his team prefer eLearning when it has been determined that formal training is the best way to address a particular performance issue.


With the transformation of T-Mobile’s approach to the wireless industry and the internal transformation of how customer service representatives are being trained and supported, evaluation has become increasingly important. Taking evaluation to new levels has been a priority for Tony and his team as they have implemented new technologies and integrated systems.


As with any organization that has a large customer support operation, T-Mobile needs to train new employees on an ongoing basis and efficiently prepare them to work with customers. Tony explains how putting the new employee at the center of their learning ecosystem is making dramatic improvements at T-Mobile. These improvements reduce costs, improve performance and also reduce turnover.


T-Mobile’s learning ecosystem will continue to evolve to meet the performance needs of a business competing in a rapidly changing industry. To learn more, check out part one of this video blog featuring David Unruh who elaborates on the T-Mobile learning ecosystem, how it aligns with their business strategy and how they use social learning.

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