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The Explosive Growth of Extended Enterprise Training

Luke Kempski

Video Interview with John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst, Talented Learning, LLC.

After more than 20 years in the LMS industry, John Leh started Talented Learning, LLC as a news, research and consulting organization dedicated to all aspects of extended enterprise learning solutions.  For organizations, learning solutions that extend beyond the enterprise are not focused on employee development but targeted to external audiences. As John explains, organizations are uncovering valuable opportunities in these learning initiatives.


Businesses primarily invest in extended enterprise training for three reasons – to make money, save money or reduce sales cycle times. Some firms have found that they can charge external users for their valuable training. For other companies, educating customers reduces the costs of servicing and supporting them. For companies selling a product, training distributors and dealers in less time can result in new product sales sooner. All of these initiatives have defined return-on-investments (ROI). As John points out, achieving this ROI requires engaging an external audience of “voluntary” learners.


There are many great examples of successful extended enterprise training ventures. On his firm’s website, TalentedLearning.com, John has documented 125 case studies. Through his research, he sees external facing LMSs finding customers in high tech and telecom companies due to their frequent product releases, reseller distribution networks, vibrant certification programs and a desire to reach global markets. Beyond tech companies, other industry segments are now using today’s learning technologies to gain strategic value from extended enterprise training.


Learning Management Systems have been around for decades. For most of that time, LMSs have been focused on compliance and employee development. They required integration with human resources systems and other enterprise applications for data tracking and reporting. With new technologies and the growth of extended enterprise training, a new generation of LMSs has evolved that focuses on the external, voluntary learner.


For years, organizations have used eLearning and learning management systems to efficiently deliver consistent training to employees all over the world. While this continues to be valuable, many learning industry professionals now see opportunities in external facing training initiatives. These initiatives provide new careers for practitioners and dramatic growth for a new generation of learning technology providers.


Through their publications, vendor research and buyer consulting, John Leh and Talented Learning are dedicated to the extended enterprise learning marketplace. Most recently, Talented Learning has reviewed 109 LMS solutions and will summarize their findings in a comprehensive report. To learn more, visit TalentedLearning.com.

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