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Six Learning Demands of a Recovering Economy

Luke Kempski

The economic challenges of the last two years have weakened many training organizations. According to training industry experts Bersin & Associates, the U.S. corporate training market shrunk from $56.2 billion in 2008 to $48.2 billion in 2009 – a decline of 14%. With reduced staffs and budgets, corporate learning programs struggled to maintain even minimal offerings.

As the economy heats back up, organizational learning will once again be looked at as a way to gain competitive advantage. If you want a more consultative sales force, to deliver a superior customer experience or earn maximum benefits from your IT investments, you’ll need robust training offerings to make it happen.

A recovering economy requires a modern approach to organizational learning. You’ll want to take a fresh look at how you can increase resources and access specialized expertise to address these six demands:

  1. Strategy and planning – You need to evaluate your course offerings and delivery methods and determine whether they are aligned with current business goals.
  2. New learning – Your business plan requires your workforce to gain new knowledge and skills to adapt to organizational changes.
  3. New approaches – You need new approaches to organizational learning that reach new generations of learners and take advantage of new technologies such as social media platforms, simulations or rapid course development.
  4. New audiences – You want to modify existing courses and develop new courses to reach new departments, distributors, customers or other stakeholders.
  5. New learning applications – You need to customize and implement a learning management system, social learning platform or other new learning technology.
  6. Increased productivity – You need to design, develop and deliver courses that were planned before budget cuts stopped progress.

Faced with these six common demands and reduced staff, you may look to outside resources to accomplish your goals. By being innovative in how you collaborate with learning providers, you can quickly grow your organizational learning with the recovering economy and gain a competitive advantage.

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