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Rapid Development Soars to a New Level

Hollie White

The phrase “rapid development” carries a stereotype. Fast, cheap and not too interesting or interactive. There may be interactivity, but with limitations. Learning modules start to feel the same and clicking a tab to view more information becomes stale. Until now.

Articulate came out with the much anticipated Storyline. Like all new products, it’s the “best thing ever!” But guess what: this is the best thing ever… at least to the rapid development world to date. The word “limitation” has become such a small word that it almost doesn’t exist.

The time has finally come when you want a client to say, “I want interactions.” This is because interactions in Storyline are practically limitless. Articulate has developed a tool that allows you to create fun and exciting interactions for any type of learner in no time at all. You can drag and drop whatever you want to wherever you want. Click this button and a popup box will appear and why not add video into the box for even more information? Games, hotspots, quizzes and almost anything you can imagine can be created with any design you want and as much interactivity as you need. Instead of presenting basic content for a product, why not show the features and benefits? Learners want to experience something, not just see a bunch of facts on screen.

Interactivity and rapid development are finally in the same phrase together. And while we are at it, let’s add the word mobile in there. We can’t leave out that word because we all know it’s what our clients want. Sales task forces want to be able to take their product or service on the road and sell it anywhere. But what if that product or service is too large for your pocket? Why not be able to take out your iPad and let others experience it right then and there? Storyline publishes for offline iPad delivery so if you have a Mobile Player app downloaded on your iPad, you can view your course without an Internet connection.

Storyline has only been out for only a few months and there is still more testing, playing and exploring to be done, but it has already becomes apparent that this tool will take rapid development to the level that we all have been wanting to, not only ourselves, but for our clients. We want them to receive the best products that we can deliver and it’s time to take it to a whole new level.

So when a client comes to you wants an exciting, interactive and possibly on an iPad, but needs it fast, guess what you can say (with excitement): “YES. I can do that for you!”

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