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Integrating a Specialized eLearning Course and LMS

Luke Kempski

Organizations frequently need to train and certify external target audiences in a specific subject matter area. They need to deliver a custom eLearning experience, an on-line assessment and a certificate of completion, usually for compliance purposes. In many cases, these organizations and their targeted learners do not have a common learning platform established to deliver and track eLearning.

While they don’t need an enterprise level learning management system (LMS), these organizations do need a solution that integrates their custom content with the administrative, tracking and reporting functionality of an LMS. They also need a web-based home to promote the program, capture registration and deliver the eLearning course.

A custom eLearning course and LMS can be integrated into one easy-to-use solution for both the learner and the organization. For the learner, they come to a dedicated website branded for the purpose of the training, follow a simple registration process and gain access to the course. You can streamline the experience without the challenges of navigating an LMS built for a university or large enterprise.

For instance, the Pennsylvania Department of Education needed to train and certify test administrators across the state in how to proctor standardized tests. The solution included only one eLearning course and was only needed temporarily. Administrators and learners would only interact with the website, LMS and course a few times so the process and system needed to be as streamlined as possible.

With the Department of Education course and others, we used these methods to successfully integrate a specialized eLearning course and LMS solution.

  • Have a dedicated web address
  • Provide web-based information about the purpose of the program prior to log-in
  • Have a cohesive brand that flows across the website, LMS and eLearning experience
  • Provide a secure, personalized certificate
  • Eliminate unnecessary administrative functionality

As learning technologies evolve, we see more needs for integrating eLearning courses and LMS functionality for specialized purposes and audiences. Your programs will be much more successful for both administrators and learners when the branding, interface and functionality are customized.

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