Our Thinking

Feeding Your Learning Ecosystem

Luke Kempski

There are more options than ever before for people to engage in learning. The Internet is rich with content and networks where you can tap into specialized knowledge and content. As a leader in learning and development, you too have more options than ever before for developing and delivering training. But how do you decide where to invest.

Our advice to clients is to think of your target learners seeking knowledge in a learning ecosystem. This ecosystem is supported and limited by environmental factors such as the organization’s culture, technology infrastructure and budget. You also have security, privacy and policy considerations.

Learning Ecosystem Chart

Considering these factors, it’s essential to reach your learners in multiple ways in order to improve performance, change behavior or gain compliance with a policy. You need to consider a wider range of options that go beyond what you’ve done in the past. You want to provide learning opportunities in strategic locations to support your organization’s mission and goals. This is essential to evolving your learning and development offering and keeping it relevant.

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