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Customer Video Stories Serve Multiple Purposes

Luke Kempski

When you capture a story about the impact of your product or service on a customer, you have a valuable asset you can use for training, internal communications and marketing. Especially for B2B firms, it’s not always easy to explain the value of your services or products. A good story that shows your product or service in action can concisely bring it all together for almost any audience.

For instance, JPL client Conrad Siegel Actuaries is a firm that also provides health and welfare solutions. On the surface, you wouldn’t think they would be a candidate for video case studies but they have the need to concisely capture how they bring value to their clients. They accomplished this by having their clients tell the story of how Conrad Siegel helps them provide quality benefits to their employees while helping them manage costs. While the video stories obviously educate prospective clients about Conrad Siegel’s value, they also have other value for recruiting, internal communications and training.

A customer video story illustrates success for your product or service. The story serves as a model for all of your stakeholders demonstrating how you make an impact on your target market. It applies your company’s purpose and brand to a real situation. This can educate employees as well as prospective customers.

Even if your company has hundreds of customer success stories, it can still be a challenge to get them captured on video. Many business customers have policies against endorsing vendors and there may be competitive or confidentiality issues that prevent them from participating. Logistics, timing and even safety may be a barrier. For example, JPL client Modjeski and Masters, a bridge engineering, inspection and design firm, must frequently overcome geographical, weather and scheduling obstacles to capture their customer stories. For them, producing these stories is worth the effort because it is the best way to showcase their expertise and value.

When a customer agrees to let you capture a video story, you want to showcase them as well. You want them to be even more proud to be your customer after their experience producing the video. This requires planning and a professional approach. After all, you want a quality final video that you can use for multiple purposes, distribute in multiple formats and gain a return on your investment for years to come.

I’d love to hear about your experiences getting customer stories captured on video, the barriers you had to overcome and how you’ve used them.

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