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Comes with Training Included

Luke Kempski

When I buy a new product, I’m often surprised how primitive the approaches are to educating me about my purchase. When I got my Chevy Traverse, it included a DVD player, but no instructional video to play on it. It would have been great to have a video overview of my new vehicle and how to locate and use some of the features. I received four different manuals that barely fit in my glove compartment when I would have preferred a mobile app for my iPhone.

This got me thinking about what other companies offer. It turns out Apple does not offer an app for learning more about using the iPhone or iPad. They have “video tutorials” for iTunes on their website, but they are not of the quality you’d expect from Apple. Seems like everyone has “support,” “FAQs” and “troubleshooting” but very few have “here’s how to use your new (insert product here.)”

If you select a product that’s loaded with features, you would likely benefit from video instructions before you use it the first time. For instance, I purchased a power washer the other day. I glanced at the directions and they seemed irrelevant to the tasks I needed to accomplish. From there, it was trial and error. Later, in preparing this post, I found that Dirt Devil actually had a video instruction guide for one of their power washers – plus other products. There’s a video introduction and clips on operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The extra value for choosing Dirt Devil just might make you more likely to consider the brand for other purchases.

I think video instruction is a value-added benefit we”ll see bundled more frequently with both consumer and B2B products. Technology-based training applications that don’t just tell you how to use your new product, but actually show you, step by step. Including optimized training might be the product benefit that tips the scales in a brand’s favor for some customers who are comparing products. It may also make them more loyal to the company, brand and product line. Have you purchased a product with good training included?

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