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Combining Sales Support Tools with Interactive Learning

Luke Kempski

Can you train your salesperson to know everything?

Businesses expect a lot from their salespeople. They expect them to be experts on their products and services, knowledgeable about their customer needs and diligent about following a sales process. Most importantly, they expect productivity and results.

Customers also have high expectations of sales reps. They expect the rep to match the right solution to their unique needs. In the past, it was customary to send sales reps to training, fire hose them with data and information and then expect them to know everything for any customer scenario. This was hardly a recipe for success.

Sales support toolsIn recent years, we’re seeing organizations take a different approach using technology. They are developing eLearning courses that wrap around sales support tools that can be used live with the customer. This combination of training and support makes it easier for a sales rep to succeed.

The sales training courses are packaged to create a learning experience. The learner views product demonstrations, digs into case studies, interacts with price comparison calculators, listens to testimonials and learns how to use the sales support tools. The learner also completes assessments to ensure they completed the course, understand the content and have a level of competence before interacting with potential customers.

The sales support tool includes the same features as the training. Instead of being part of a course, they are in a database that the salesperson can access from a simple, easy-to-use interface. As they assess a prospective customer’s needs, they access presentation materials to educate the prospect about value and benefits.

Arming your sales force with training and presentation support tools broadens their capabilities and gives them a competitive advantage. We’ve seen clients such as New Holland Agriculture, Medtronic and Voith Turbo take advantage of a combined training-support approach. How about you? Are you providing training and support tools for your sales force?

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