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Developing Global Leaders Using Virtual Instructor Led Training

Luke Kempski

Elina Koussis, Leadership Development Program Manager, GE

GE’s Crotonville Global Leadership Institute is legendary as the world’s first corporate university and a central hub for innovation, ideas and learning. While many GE leaders still visit Crotonville for advanced learning and development, the Crotonville organization today supports leadership training at multiple campuses and through a variety of technology-based modalities. As the Leadership Development Program Manager, Elina Koussis is extending the leadership development learning experience through virtual training.

Crotonville is the center of leadership development at GE. Each region and each business unit including aviation, transportation, energy, health care, and more, connects with the Crotonville leadership institute to provide input and set priorities. In addition, Crotonville takes direction from GE’s CEO to shape the culture and support the company’s strategy with innovative leadership development experiences. For Elina and the GE global learning team, this means taking advantage of the capabilities of the virtual training platform.

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