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Articulate Storyline 2: Click? Tap? Select? Press?

Jennifer Kerwin

With the new release of Articulate Storyline 2 and improved HTML5 output enabling a more effective tablet eLearning experience, our JPL Learning Solutions team was abuzz with discussion.  How do we best provide instructions for learner interactions that will be viewed on a desktop or mobile device?

For years, envisioning a learner sitting at a desk and working on a laptop or desktop computer with a mouse, I’ve written audio narration and screen text like: “click the images to learn more”, “click to explore” and “click to select the best response”.

Now with the vision of learners completing eLearning on a computer or a tablet, what do we tell them to do? Click? Tap? Select? Press? It seems each one of us has a different opinion. For me, “Select” seems to work in most cases, whether you are on a desktop device or tablet. “Click” sounds off if you are on a tablet. “Press” and “Tap” don’t seem to sync up with the activity if you are on a desktop device, but will work on a tablet.

What would you want to hear from a narrator and see on screen in an eLearning course?

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