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Arming Your Sales Force with Content and Tools

Luke Kempski

JPL Learning Solutions TrainingToday’s customers expect a sales consultant who recognizes their needs and wants, provides a range of solutions, and guides them through the selection and purchasing process.

With mobile technology like the iPad, organizations can now arm their sales forces with the content and tools to meet customer expectations and provide remarkable experiences. While the mobile tablet provides functionality and a high-tech image, the custom content and tools make the difference. Here are some examples:

Customer Testimonials – Video testimonials from customers who are similar to prospects give your solution added credibility.

Product Selection Tools – Selection tools help assess needs and match appropriate solutions.

Product Demonstrations – Videos and animations can show the product in action. Animations can also reveal important details that video can’t capture.

ROI Calculators – Calculators demonstrate how your solution can pay for itself.

Cost Comparison Tools – These quickly show how variations in models and features impact price.

Competitive Data – Data helps answer customer questions about competitive alternatives.

Expert Commentary – Video testimonials from independent experts validate the benefits of your solution.

Product Specifications – Specs help answer questions about product details.

Market Data – Data helps answer questions about the popularity of your solution and its compatibility with complementary products.

Any of these content types and tools can be customized to your company’s products, customer types and sales environments. Your goals, brand and sales channels will also impact where you should invest.

Imagine how putting content and tools at your sales consultant’s fingertips can make the difference in converting a prospect into a customer or turning a customer into a brand ambassador. Whether your sales force works in a retail environment, trade show exhibits, conference rooms or parking lots, you can arm them with a competitive advantage. Whether they’re selling consumer electronics, financial services, medical devices or manufacturing technology, you can turn a $500 mobile tablet into a sales weapon.

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