Project Management Approach

Project Management Approach to Design

A clear roadmap to project completion leads to a smoother, more efficient project. With few surprises. Our defined process provides a reliable template to manage both budget and timeline, and deliver a quality training product. It makes our work better, faster and more efficient.

Good project management also gives us flexibility. Every client brings different expectations. Working from a solid foundation, we can easily adapt our process to meet individual client needs.

Our standard process consists of four phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure.

Project initiation includes a formal kickoff where JPL and client stakeholders discuss the project. We listen to your needs to make sure the solution hits the mark. We explain how we’ll manage the project and control the budget. We also discuss instructional design methodologies and agree on a schedule and communication plan.

The project plan summarizes decisions made during initial discussions: goals, target audience, timeline, budget, resources, creative approach, instructional method, communication and approvals.

In the execution phase, we design and build the solution – including script, visuals and other elements – based on the project plan. This phase provides ample opportunity for client input and feedback. Throughout execution, JPL actively manages scope, budget and timeline. Execution ends with deployment and client signoff.

During project closure, we look back at the overall project. We read evaluations, analyze results and report back to the client. The team conducts a project review, looking for ways to improve our process and the client experience. These insights help us evolve our approach for future projects.

Our Learning Solutions team is backed by the full resources of JPL, a large, integrated marketing, video and interactive firm. JPL's staff includes writers and directors, designers and developers, video producers and editors, animators, programmers, marketing strategists, photographers and more. All ready to take your program to the next level.

We also collaborate with d'Vinci Interactive, JPL's Maryland-based subsidiary. d’Vinci has delivered learning solutions for government, healthcare and education for 20 years.