Instructional Methodologies

Instructional Methodologies Approach to Design

Most instructional design follows one of two main approaches, either ADDIE or Agile.

The ADDIE approach (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) follows a linear path through the project, allowing decisions to be made before development begins. For clients with a fixed budget, complex approvals or limited involvement, JPL recommends this more traditional method.

First, we define the target audience and learning objectives and analyze the content. We present the content outline, make revisions and gain consensus before beginning design and development. At each pre-determined milestone, we have client review, revisions and agreement before moving on. The entire process is guided by the strategy and requirements from the analysis phase to help us focus on the goals and stay within the scope.

Agile methodology uses a different, more iterative process. For clients who want to be heavily involved, review multiple versions and provide frequent feedback, we recommend the Agile approach. As its name implies, Agile projects often take twists and turns, but deliver results quickly.

Rather than defining every detail of the course, we start with a general framework and a clear understanding of desired outcomes. Design and development occur in sprints, where small elements of the project are created. Clients and stakeholders offer early feedback, before the course is fully built, so changes can be made quickly. With each round of revisions the design evolves, and new iterations reveal better ideas. With an Agile approach, effort can be re-allocated, workflow can be altered and efficiencies uncovered. The outcome is a solution that fits the real needs of the client – not just the perceived needs that existed at the start.

Blended or hybrid approach. For many projects, we recommend taking the best of both methodologies. For example, we might rapidly design and develop a prototype using an Agile approach. Based on this prototype and a shortened planning phase, we can create the full course using the ADDIE approach.

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